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She decided to challenge this and successfully it resulted into her becoming a Managing Director of their company called PManagement, representing players and coaches of which most are South Africans.

The business also offers services such as Facilitation of Sports athlete contracts, Securing Endorsement Deals for our Clients, Marketing and PR Services, sports Event Management i.e.

Maphike works with several charity organisations, including women’s lobby group New Faces New Voices and the Isibani Education Fund, and is a mentor at Business Partners and at the Goldman Sachs-Gibs 10 000 Women Certificate Programme.

Thandekile Shabane had hoped to become a pilot or train driver but was unable to pursue her dream due to her family’s financial situation.

In her 27 years Irma Titus, a community activist on the Cape Flats, has defeated death on a number of occasions.

Irma was diagnosed with kidney failure when she was four years old and her body rejected three transplanted organs before it accepted a kidney in 2002.

Much of his work focuses on violence, particularly within an African context.

Thapelo Seemise also known as Tips (Thru Inspiration People Succeed) is a seasoned stage performer– trained as a Contemporary Dance choreographer, a comedian, singer and drummer in church and community choir.

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As research officer at Asiye e Tafuleni, Quazi has played a significant role in various similar projects.

Not being based in a mainstream tech hub (Woo Themes was born on the “edge of the world” in Cape Town, South Africa), Adii helped overcome the geographical odds to grow the “Woo”-brand into a brand that is recognized worldwide (with more than a million users).